Proudly handmade in the U.S.A., our premium outdoor furnaces are constructed using only the highest-quality materials and can heat everything from homes & garages, to cabins & work shops.

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Model 340 Furnace

Acme Furnace Company was founded with one goal in mind: to build the highest-quality, affordable outdoor wood furnaces on the market. We believe that we have achieved that goal, and we continue to stand behind our furnaces after over 10 years of operation. Our furnaces are handmade in the U.S.A and include a firebox that is constructed with only the strongest, ⅜-inch rolled plate steel –an important detail when comparing our furnaces to others on the market.

We are contracted with Black Creek Welding to produce the very best, easy to operate, quality furnaces. We welcome you to see the furnaces, as they are produced, to see the Quality and Pride that is built into every furnace.

We have dealerships located all over the U.S. Click here to find a dealer near you, or browse the dealer listings page.

Benefits of Acme outdoor furnaces

Reasons To Buy

Zero or Low heating costs

If you’re able to gather firewood from your own property, heating costs are basically zero! Firewood can also be gathered from downed trees on public lands, but some areas require a permit. Even if you have to buy firewood, costs will still be lower than other home heating systems.

Zero or Low hot water costs

You can choose a boiler size that is able to accommodate your hot water usage needs. These savings can be more than $1,000 per year, depending on your climate, household size, and hot water usage.

safest way to heat a home

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, indoor heating systems account for over 50,000 house fires and 490 deaths on average in the U.S. every year. With an outdoor furnace, these are risks that you simply don’t have to worry about.

Warmer & more comfortable

Many people set their thermostats below 70º in the winter to save on high costs of gas or electric heating. With a wood burning outdoor furnace, fuel costs are so low you can turn up the heat to a much more comfortable temperature without worrying about the bill.

No smoke or mess in your home

Fireplaces & chimneys bring ashes, fumes, dust & debris into your home, not to mention, insects, spiders and other pests that often come inside along with your firewood. It can be hard to prevent your home and its inhabitants from smelling like smoke, and having to deal with the mess and bugs when the fire is burning inside your home. With our outdoor wood burning furnaces, all the mess and smoke stays outside!

Versatile Heating

Outdoor wood boiler furnaces work with most other types of indoor heating systems including forced air systems and boilers. Adding a minimal amount of equipment, like a heat exchanger, can connect the two systems and greatly reduce or eliminate your heating costs. Our furnaces can also be used to heat your home as well as the garage, workshop, greenhouse, hot tub or whatever else you want to provide heat to.


Become A Dealer

We’re seeking individuals who are self-motivated and looking for a way to help themselves, as well as help their customers. Acme Furnace dealers can make significant profit, with no employees, and only a minimal investment. We’ll get you started and supply you high-quality furnaces of any color or size, to sell and install with pride.

We typically like our dealers to have no less than a 50-mile radius of their own, so dealer opportunities are limited in some select locations. But, this doesn’t stop our more motivated, successful sellers from going to trade shows, festivals, fairs, and more.

The only thing we ask from our dealers is to be honest, have a motivation to sell & service our furnaces, and have a desire to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied.

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